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January 28th, 2015 | Blog

We are delighted to see books being added to the public library on the topic of how the pharmaceutical companies are marketing to consumers and the impact the products are having on our society.

OUR DAILY MEDS, by Melody Petersen

“An award-winning journalist’s groundbreaking report from the dark side of American medicine.”

“In the last thirty years, the big pharmaceutical companies have transformed themselves into marketing machines, selling dangerous medicines as if they were Coca-Cola or Cadillacs.”

Epilogue:  Mentions the FDA’s program known as MedWatch, page 325

Side Effects: Death, Confessions of a Pharma-Insider, by John Virapen

We liked the link provided to the Office of Medical & Scientific Justice, Inc. ( on the inside page “Special Thanks”.  Very cool!
We also loved paged 89, “I Buy A Psychiatrist

The Truth About the Drug Companies, How they deceive us and what to do about it. by Marcia Angell, M.D.

Very good statistics, insider information, and we found page 147, Pretending Drug Companies Are Educators, to be very informative.

Big Pharma, Exposing the Global Healthcare Agenda, by Jacky Law
We are eager to read chapter 9, the people vs pharma, page 169 friends in high places.

We are excited to see writers taking on this critical public drug safety issue.  You might soon find some or all of these books on our educational resource page.  As always, AbleChild encourages you to support and learn about MedWatch.


2 comments on “The books we are reading right now…

  1. Have you guys heard of a book called ‘Deadly Medicine’ which was written by the wife of a man who died from taking a drug that created Ebola-like symptoms? I watched her being interviewed on C-SPAN a long time ago and since then I have been unable to find out anything more. I thought maybe the book had been “spiked”? Also we had a friend who committed suicide after taking Abilify, so keep spreading the word about these horrific suicide pills!

  2. Eileen GambrillPhD on

    You might also like Propaganda in The helping Professions(2012)Oxford University press

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